voting time : will you get a POTIRON birkin if you already have an ORANGE kelly 32?

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  1. i know they are 2 different bags and 2 different shades of orange and i would probably have the same use for both of them (much so the kelly because of its shoulder strap)....

    BUT would you? thanks in advance for your responses. it will help me make my decision........;)
  2. I would definitely if my budget didn't dictate that I be a little more varied in my limited collection. In a heartbeat!

  3. I have wrestled this one my self. I have an orange Kelly 32 and was thinking of a potiron Bolide. I have pulled back because I feared that I would not wear the Kelly as much. The sizes and uses are too similar. However, when dealing with 2 different bag styles and you want one as a tote (35) and one as a handbag with the shoulder strap, then I think you could do both.

    Does this make sense.

    BTW, if a potiron or orange Bolide in mou should be thrown into my face a good price.....
  4. I probably would is budget wasn't an issue, but maybe I would SO the Birkin with different lining (raisin?)
  5. Unless you have money to burn, I'd choose one or the other. One is likely to not get used that frequently.
  6. Orange and purple??? Well it would certainly be unique!
  7. no, unless I decided to buy the second to see which shade of orange and which style I preferred. Knowing me it would be the color of one bag but the style of the other.

    Unless, you wear orange as a neutral (as someone who might wear black or brown) AND you also wanted to try different hardware.

    By the way, I think potiron and raisin or potiron and some kind of blue SO might be very nice on someone who does color.
  8. Are you using your 32cm Kelly now? If not, why not? I think if you are using your Kelly there is no need for the potiron birkin. If you are not using it do you choose a diff Kelly or do you grab a birkin or shoulder bag? If you are grabbing a birkin, I still say pass. For me color dictates usage more than anything else. I don't use the Kelly straps so both are handheld. Any shade of orange is great in any style h bag. I would choose a diff style just to get some variety. If however you are ordering an so with something special, then I think you should ditch the Kelly and go all in on the potiron so.
  9. FYI : the potiron is already rang up and im just needing to decide to keep it or pick it up. DH secretly bought it w/o consulting with me first (ha!)....ia m very grateful for the gesture but im justifying 2 orange bags....argh!!!!!
  10. If there isn't a budget issue, I say go for Potiron. I have a Potiron chevre birkin and the color is so versatile :tup:
  11. I was under the impression that Potiron was a rested or retired color? Is this correct?

    If my DH secretly bought me a Hermes handbag I would gladly accept it with a big smile on my face and take great joy in using the bag. I would never want to take away from his joy in wanting to surprise me with such a grand gesture. Plus, a Potiron Birkin is such a gorgeous bag!!!!

    I think since the Orange is a Kelly and the Potiron is a Birkin you can incorporate both of them into your handbag collection and wardrobe. They will serve different purposes at different times, and what a luxury to have that option.

    I say keep both, use both and enjoy:biggrin:
  12. I actually think potiron is very different from orange and would fulfill a very different niche than the orange kelly! If money's no object, I'd keep both!

    and what a lovely DH!! :heart:
  13. If you had a Black Kelly and your DH surprised you with a Black Birkin, would you question whether or not to keep the Birkin? Many of us have more than one black bag, or red bag, or blue bag, etc. because the color works for us.

    You must look great carrying your Orange Kelly and equally terrific with the Potiron Birkin. Enjoy them both, Pazt!
  14. Yes if you can afford to have them both then by all means get them!
  15. What size is the birkin? If its a 35 then its a bigger difference but if its a 30, it might be too similar. Also is there hardware color differences? Is your Kelly a rigide or retourne? what leathers are they? Can you tell I do this a lot? Ive justified two rouge VIF Kelly's somehow LOLOL.