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Which colors are your favorites?

  1. Orange

  2. Braise

  3. Light green

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Went back from Hermes' store today. Saw the catalogue. Many beautiful colors and can go crazy with them. After looking page by page, I've finally choose 3 colours I seem to like. Ladies, which are your favorites?

    In croc or ostrich. Haven't made up my mind yet.
  2. I say orange. I saw the ostrich orange sample and it was GORGEOUS!
  3. woooooooo...definitely croc!!!!!when you get either one..please post pics!!!!=)
  4. Ladies, please look at the poll above in case some of you don't see it. Vote one.
  5. okay, I voted! :smile: Orange
  6. i voted for braise - croc of course!
  7. Me too, Braise Croc!!!
  8. I would have to say orange.
  9. I like the green :biggrin: I was about to get the lime green ostrich agenda, but got the fuchsia instead, the green and orange were close seconds though!
  10. Orange
  11. Orange is classsic Hermes! Constrasts well with nuetral attire.
  12. Light green -- always!
  13. orange is gorgeous!!!
  14. I vote orange! So happy for you- hope you get it soon!! And post pics!!
  15. Thxs ladies. Seems like orange get 16 votes whereas braise get 5 votes, 1 extra more than vert anis. I seem to like orange but braise too is gorgeous. Vote more before the poll ends at 23rd March.