Vivica A. Fox A-rrested for DUI

  1. Vivica A. Fox A-rrested for DUI

    [​IMG]TMZ has learned Vivica A. Fox has been busted for DUI.

    It happened last night on the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley at 10:57 PM. We're told Fox passed a marked black and white while going approximately 80 mph. Sources say the officers went after the 2007 Cadillac Escalade she was driving.

    The officers administered a field sobriety test -- which Fox was unable to perform. The former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant was then placed under arrest on suspicion of driving under the influence.

    [​IMG]Fox was taken to Van Nuys jail where she submitted to two breathalyzer tests. CHP spokesman Leland Tang told TMZ, "It was definitely over the .08 legal limit."

    Fox was cited and released on her own recognizance and ordered to appear in court.
  2. I'm always surprised when celebrities drink and drive. :shrugs:
  3. Me too. You'd think they would have chauffer's to take care of them.
  4. Shame on her!
  5. all these busts always happen on that same strip of the 101. I stay far away from the fwy late at night. maybe they should add a DUI lane.
  6. she's lucky that no innocent people were injured...unlike brandy's case!
  7. I agree! Brandy has a scary case in her hands.
  8. That's exactly what I was thinking!
  9. glad no one was hurt ..
    The brandy situation was horrible!
  10. how stupid and downright dangerous. WTF is wrong with these people? if you are going to drive don't hard is that to understand!
  11. Senseless and selfish.
  12. Hah! Like Vivica Fox has a 24 hour chaffeur! She's not balling like that.
  13. I'd think knowing that your mug shot will be splashed all over might be enough to have a driver take you around while you party:push:
  14. she looks scary!
  15. Glad there wasn't an accident. I just don't get people......