Vitello Daino Crossbody Satchel

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  1. Hi..Sorry, I don't own that one, but based on the cost I would say it is a smaller nighttime bag. I hate that NM 1/2 the time does not have the sizes...Makes it really frustrating trying to order something you would like
  2. thanks for the input! that's what i was afraid of, I want a crossbody bag for convenience in daytime, i'd rather use a regular satchel or clutch for evening... hmmm some deciding to do...
  3. Hi, I remember that bag from last year. It is quite small although very cute!
  4. thanks! I hope you're right, I decided not to cancel it! ( I have very little will power when it comes to bags)
  5. just an update: the bag arrived and it is tiny but it fits soooo much more than you would think. i love it!!
  6. HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're not getting off that easy girlfriend!!! We need pics of that hot number!!!! Can't wait to see!!! I don't recall anyone posting pics of this yet so you'd be the first! What color did you get?!
  7. here she is
  8. and then I went into Neimans today and somehow walked out with another new prada.. whoops... I know not everyone loves the dumbo ears but i just love the funky fat chain strap and the oversized ruffles

  9. OK that crossbody is cool!!! What are the measurements on that?!
  10. 9 x 6.5 x 4.5-tiny but the there's plenty of room for wallet, cell phone, dig. camera, keys, lip gloss, and compact. It will now be my go-to going out bag. Since its a crossbody you can dance with it and fit the essentials :smile:
  11. ^^^hahhaaha the perfect going out combo!! I always make sure I have the same stuff too when I go out!..I always make sure I bring my camera!!Yeah that would be the perfect going out away my friend!!