Virginia Tech - In Memoriam

  1. This thread is ONLY to pay your respects. Please keep all mental health / gun control discussions in the other thread. Thank you.

  2. thanks Caitlin.

    God Bless Virginia Tech and all the Hokies and Hokies at heart.
  3. My heart is with those who family and friends have passed. This is a sad time, and I hope people will seek healing instead of blame.
  4. my heart goes to all of them especially the one from my country :sad:
    i don't know him but his family sold their properties to schooled him in america, it's so devastating :sad:
  5. My heart goes out to all involved on both sides--the victims side and the shooters (his family) side. This is a tragedy for everyone. It's just the saddest thing ever for everyone:crybaby:..... My prayers are with everyone...
  6. great thread, Caitlin.

    My condolences to the friends/family and everyone affected by the shootings... It was difficult for me to watch or read the news, and about the victims... it makes me very sad that that many lives were taken away too early through such violent and senseless actions.
  7. My prayers are with all of the victim's families :sad:

    God bless
  8. My thoughts and prayers go out to anyone affected by this great tragedy.
    May the victims rest in peace.
  9. My thoughts and prayers go out to every family who lost loved ones in this tragic event! May God be with them!
  10. My thoughts and prayers to the victims, their families, students, faculty and everyone else affected by this tragedy. May the victims rest in peace and may their families find peace.
  11. CNN finally is highlighting the victims. It is so hard to watch. My heart just keeps breaking over and over. I cannot imagine what their moms and dads are going through. May God comfort them and draw them close.
  12. I read about the victims in this week's People. I rarely cry while reading it, but I did in this case.

    I loved that while they did explain what happened and the background of the shooter, it mostly focused on the victims.
  13. My thoughts and prayers are with VT, I hope that the families and victims will be able to find peace. My heart just breaks for them everytime I read or see something about the tragedy.
  14. I wanted to see what my alma mater was doing for Virginia Tech.

    Here's a portion of a message from the president:

    April 17, 2007
    On behalf of the Salve Regina University community I extend sincere and heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the Virginia Tech tragedy. Students, faculty and staff of Virginia Tech and members of the surrounding community of Blacksburg, Virginia will be kept in our thoughts and prayers as we and our colleagues in higher education throughout the nation work to ensure that our institutions continue to be sanctuaries for students and faculty to seek truth, share knowledge and promote a more peaceful and harmonious society.

    M. Therese Antone, President

    Friday, April 20 has been declared “Hokie Hope” Day, and President M. Therese Antone, RSM, has encouraged the Salve Regina community to stand in solidarity with Virginia Tech by wearing the university’s colors – maroon and orange.

    Members of the Salve Regina community who wear maroon and orange on Friday are invited to further demonstrate their support by gathering in front of Ochre Court at noon for a group photo, which will be included with the book of prayer and support notes being sent to Virginia Tech. You will have the opportunity to sign the prayer book and write support notes before and after Friday’s photo. In addition, the Office of University Relations will be handing out Frisbees and other trinkets.
  15. I knew some Hokies while I went to school on the East Coast... I roomed with three girls from Virginia Tech. Everytime I read about the vicitims and see their pictures, my heart breaks... My deepest sympathy to their friends and family...