Virgin Megastores carry tokidoki?

  1. I saw a post somewhere else that said the Virgin Megastore in NYC carries the toki bags. ANd that they had a lot of Amore. Seems kind of weird that a "record store" would carry them. Maybe it is only the one in NY? Anyone know?
  2. I know that the Virgin Megastore in San Francisco and the one in Hollywood carry the toys and shirts. I'm not sure about bags, though.
  3. the one in orange/aneheim carrys the shirts and sweaters... they have a lot of clothes, records, cds, toys, books, dvds, etc... it's like a huge hot topic i guess only with more music and better labels... they have a lot of harujuku merchandise including the bags and her doll
  4. I wish they had one of those by me.
  5. but mine doesn't have a lot of toki... my bf actually went there during my work (it's across the street) and saw they got in sweatshirts... when i went there before all they had were t-shirts... the green rocker chick and the red girl with the tiger shirts but that's where i got my sandy hoodie :smile:
  6. I know the Megastore in SanFrancisco has toki shirts. Last time I was there they didn't have the bags. When I was in the NYC Megastore during the holidays they only had mdse too, like a few t-shirts no bags :shrugs:
  7. Yea, I only saw shirts, I don't think they would carry such any expensive bag b/c their security for clothes/accessories is not too great
  8. I've seen the bags at the Virgin in LA (Hollywood Highlands). This was back in January - they had a ton of Paradiso and Inferno in all sorts of styles They also had a ton of T-shirts.
  9. Apparently the one in NY does carry the bags.... here is what I saw somewhere else "I got my Tokidoki Lesportsac Amore bag from the massive Virgin Megastore in Times Square (near the Swatchshop, MandM World and ToysRUs) , there are purses, big bags and handbags on the level you arrive in."

    So those of you in NY have another place to check out. I was just hoping maybe the other stores carried them too. I could call the one in Denver but geez... if I can't get the SAs in the handbag department at Macy's to understand what I'm asking about, I'm not sure a "record store" would understand "Do you carry tokidoki for LeSportsac?" at all!!!
  10. The sad thing is they often think it's harajuku also... even at Nordies
  11. Ohh.....I haven't gotten the chance to go to that virgin record store yet... just the one on 14th street