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  1. Vip
    Hoping this hasnt been mentioned before feel free to move if it has.

    On another forum (louis vuitton) there is a discussion about VIP and what levels of spending it takes before one is considered VIP by the brand they are shopping with.

    for example :-

    VVIC (very very important client)
    accumulated have spent over a million

    VIC (very important client)
    accumulated have spent about US$60,000 or above

    High Potential VIC
    those have spent somewhere around 10,000-20,000

    Potential Client
    This could be anyone spend over a thousand on a single purchase

    Now the above figures are mentioned with regards to a much cheaper brand than BV, so does anyone have the figures for BV and know what extras (invites to runway shows etc) you might receive from BV?
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    Dont´start this thread here as well, the mods closed it the first time you started it on the H forum.
  3. This is ridiculous.... What does that mean excatly ?
  4. I'm closing this thread.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.