Violet Step has arrived! I am crazy for this color...

  1. I was on all day at work and refreshing my tracking info every half hour like a fiend until the fedex guy dropped off my precious cargo at home.:yahoo:

    The bottom line is that I :heart::heart::heart: this bag! The color for obvious reasons but it is the perfect size and so functional. It goes over the shoulder comfortably and since it has more depth, it fits all of my everyday essentials. I've never owned the brief but I do feel that this bag is a lot like the city and the purse. It's about the size of the city, shoulder-friendly like the purse (also looks a little like the purse when the step is stuffed). I am officially on a bag ban effective through the rest of this year but next season, I might have to get the step again in a different color.

    I think rollergirl did an excellent job comparing this style with the other styles. I do have a few pics I'll post shortly but they are terrible. I also could not take a decent modeling shot period so bear with me. :shame:
  2. Congrats! Where did you find it?
  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics - it is such a beautiful color!
  4. Here are shots of the front, back, and side. I love the whole bag all the same but the leather on the back is especially TDF... so distressed and smooshy!

  5. i can't wait to see pics!! i am loving this style!! congrats on your new bag!!
  6. wow :drool:.. im loving the leather on this bag!! it is soo gorgeous!! your very lucky!!
  7. gloss_gal - I got the bag from Aloha Rag, they finally got them in this week!
  8. :wtf:
    OMG!!! I am crazy for this bag! I am in big trouble, and I think I need to find one of these! Congratulations on an awesome bag, and thanks for sharing pictures with us!
    The leather is divine too!
  9. I am curious about this bag too and i like to see it in other colors too. :yes:Congrats.:yahoo:It looks like a comfy bag to carry.:tup:
  10. GORGEOUS! I'm loving the color and the style! Any chance of modeling pics?
  11. Ugh... I am really embarrassed by this photo but anything to show you how it looks against the body. I took it myself and that was really awkward. I also tried to do it with the mirror but the flash and the lighting in my house made me practically disappear! And I don't think my BF or anyone I know would understand if I asked them to take a picture of me with my purse unless it was some special occassion where photo-taking was involved!

  12. Thanks for the modeling shot! It hangs sooo cute off the crook of your arm! I think I am loving this style more and more! You scored a gorgeous bag with the best kind of leather!~ Congrats!
  13. Yummy, and it only comes on RH?
  14. oooooh congrats! can you put the handles over your shoulder comfortably? it definitely looks like a mini version of the brief!
  15. Thanks so much for the pics., I love it! It think it looks really cute and chic at the same time.