Violet Stam

  1. I may be able to get the full size violet stam, not sure on authenticity...does anyone have this color, is the leather icey on these and what season is it from? What color should the interior be? I would love to see pics of this color? Thanks much! :P
  2. YOu are so lucky. That bag is impossible to get. That bag is from Fall 05. I don't have any pictures. I don't know anyone who even owns one. I am looking for a fall 05 black or petrol. There is black one on ebay, but it is probably fake. The seller claims that it is authentic.
  3. ooooh! I just checked my email and here it is!!! The color looks amazing, a deep and rich jeweltone...I asked for some inside pictures too :love: I would love thoughts! She said it's the icey leather and that she bought it last year from Nordies.



  4. OOHHHHHHHHHH!!!! It's absolutely scrumptious! I LOVE that bag! Lucky you -- BUY IT NOW!!!
  5. That bag is fake. Who is selling it and for how much?
  6. Glimmer what makes it a fake, how can you tell?
  7. I know you asked Glimmer, but someone told me that the bottom triangles have to line up. I don't know for sure though.
  8. Ok I need to be armed w/all the info so if you girls can let me know please?
  9. I can just tell by looking at it the shape and leather are wrong. All the fakes have leather of that texture which looks a bit textured but still smooth. I know this is a really hard bag to get and I am almost positive that Nordstrom never sold this color. I have seen fake violets and they look exactly like that. Can you share how much she wants to charge you for this? Scammer.
  10. Oh I can't believe this...that makes me SO MAD. I was going to trade her two bags for it.
  11. Did you ask her for the receipt? I think it should have burgandy suede lining. That's what I have read.
  12. Don't do it twinklette!!!!! The fakes of this bag are very very good...I'm not sure this is a fake but there's a very good chance it could be...what were the bags you were trading?
  13. V no worries...I would never trade a thing without checking auth here first!!! More pictures of the inside/engravings?




  14. Well I'll let the experts step up (I just got worried! It would really suck to trade two authentics for one fake) but I'm sure there are others here who know more than i do about Marc Jacobs....maybe you could call the store and find out if the quilted boxes are supposed to line up
  15. The quilted boxes line up on bags produced starting in spring 06 (when putty, etc. came out). I have heard that the squares do not always line up on the original fall 05 bags.

    Does anyone have a fall 05 bag they can check?