Violet Bags at Balenciaga Singapore

  1. Hello I received a call yesterday from Bal Singapore at Hilton Hotel that they have the City, First and the larger styles in Violet. No violet coin purse, wallet or clutch yet. The telephone number is 65-67338270.

    (The prices are ~15-20% higher than in the US due to the weak US$)
  2. Thanks for the heads-up, jems332.

    Any waiting list?
  3. Queenie, I don't think there is a waiting list, or rather I think there are plenty of stocks. I was at the boutique and one SA tried to sell me the Violet though I wasn't on the list. I'm still waiting for the envelope clutch to be in though.
  4. thanks jems332! do you happen to know if they have the violet city in with giant hardware? or is it RH only?
  5. Thanks pinkiestarlet. It seems that Violet is not as popular here huh? Or maybe we're just typically slooooooooooooooooooooooooow.
  6. Hi Bal Singapore's service seems good. They are very happy to notify you by phone when the style/colour you want is in.

    Faithopelove, I don't know whether the City is in GH or RH. I was interested in the First but I ordered from Aloha Rag because it is cheaper. Both stores have the violet stock in within a day of each other.
  7. Queenie, I think BalSG is just really slow. And I asked one SA about the LE Magenta (just trying my luck, you never know :sweatdrop:) and she told me it's next season's! I was like "But I saw people carrying it!" But she still insist that she's right so whatever. I give up :shrugs::shrugs:
  8. Hi, am new to Bbags and am catching the bug now....wonder if there's any sale for them?? U mean the prices are tag to USD??? So whenever there's any fluctuations in the Dollar, they'll revise the prices?
  9. What I meant was, currently due to the weak US$, it's cheaper to buy from the US. For example, the First is US$995 and the City is US$ 1195 in the US, but Bal SG is charging S$19xx-22xx (I don't remember exactly) for these two styles. The current exchange rate is ~1US$ = S$1.50.
    Bal SG does have a lot of stock and for smaller purses, the difference is not so big and it's convenient to buy from them. For example, the SA told me the clutch is S$795 and shoulder is S$995, if I remember correctly.
  10. When i went to the boutique in july/august, the RH City was S$2299, RH Part-time was S$2399 and GH Work was S$2890 if i remember correctly. I ordered my GSH Work fr LVR (becoz BalSG was out-of-stock) and it turned out i saved myself a few hundreds.
    The Le Compagnon Zip was $899 i think. I'm hoping to get one in violet. But i'm supposed to be on a purse :banned:

    slip, during the great sg sale, only the seasonal bags were on sale. The motor range does not go on sale according to the SA. Hope this help. :smile:
  11. shopboy: Do you know how much is the coin purse and whether there are any stock?
  12. just spoke to Bal Singapore... the only Violet they have in stock is the twiggy but they'll be bringing in these stock soon!

    city/giant city: violet, juane, dark green (not too sure the actual colour)
    part-time RH: same as above
    part-time SGH: violet, dark green
    part-time GGH: juane (& i can't remember)

    right now they have in stock a rouge vip (either this or vermillon.. can't remember) toilet case, & they'll be bringing somthing that sounds like the flap close chain wallet but i'm not too sure!
  13. Jems332....could you check to see if they have a partime in violet with GSH???
  14. Bal Sg says they will probably have the PT GSH next week. But it is almost US$2K at current exchange rate ..
  15. Hi, Bal SG just called. They have the Violet Part Time with GGH. S$2930 (almost US$2K)
    One of the SA's email is