Violet and Yellow; here is the question:

  1. Hello girls!

    I am waiting for both colours to come out and am a little unsure about what style in these colours



    among my collection i already have an EGGPLANT first so i was thinking of a bigger VIOLET (maybe WORK??) and a YELLOW FIRST?
    also i would like to add that i am into the "weekender", the "work", the "twiggy" and the "city".

    any suggestions welcome:okay:
  2. I vote for Violet/purple city, part time or work and the yellow first if thats what you're thinking already... (but I'm not a fan of yellow)...
  3. I'm getting a violet city but I am thinking about changing it to a day and a yellow day but I think yellow would also look great on a twiggy (since you have a first just to have another style) but it's probably way too much for a work...a violet work would be nice since you already have the eggplant first...which hardware you want is another decision you need to make too!!!
  4. im thinking both in regular or possibly the violet in giant gold harwarde (as i want this bag to be big)
  5. maybe a violet in the work and the yellow in a first? that would be my suggestions.
  6. i think violet work GGH will be very :drool: worthy! you should definitely go for that!
  7. ok i am getting all excited now!! :sweatdrop:

    now i need to be there at the right time when they come out..
  8. From what I was told (and recall), the VIOLET and JAUNE (Yellow) will not be available in all styles. From the pictures that I was shown (and no - they wouldn't send them to me), I saw the VIOLET in the Matelasse and Tote styles ONLY ... none in the City, Work, Weekender or First.

    I would check with Balenciaga to make sure that these colors are being made in the style that you are looking for, before getting your heart set on it!
  9. Violet Work & Yellow Twiggy!
  10. There is definitely a Violet City, in regular hardware, GSH, and GGH. I know this because I am on the list for all three. Jaune will also come in a City. Beyond this, I don't know, but I would be surprised if these colors weren't available in all the regular styles.
  11. Maybe not every retailer is getting everything, but a wide variety of styles will be made in both colors. AR will have a lot of styles, but they will only get GH in violet/grape in silver, not gold. The department stores may be different. I'm not sure of the hardware mix, but BNY is getting Days, Cities, Hobos, Works, PT's, Steps, Briefs, etc.
  12. I vote for a yellow day and a violet work:smile:
  13. I agree:nuts:
  14. I would love to get the violet and jaune in the hobo or day styles!
  15. i vote for a violet work or city!!!

    I think that Twiggy in Jaune :drool: worthy! : )