violet and ocean clutch...

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  1. Had way tooo much time on my hands! Photoshopped the pine clutch and morphed it into grape and ocean - oooh la la!!! (now I'm goin' to bed!):sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:[​IMG]
  2. can't see the pictures. boo
  3. can't see too.....pls post the pics again....:smile:
  4. Hi ally are you in the pic?? nice to see you!!!!
  5. Can't see pics either. :sad:
  6. So exciting, I can't wait to see pics (wish I had photo shop)
  7. oops! Here's the pics again![​IMG]
    Violet clutch.jpg Ocean clutch.jpg greenclutchsilver.jpg
  8. OMG - they're beautiful!!!

    called my SA today, they're not getting the fall bags until September!:nuts:
  9. Girlie good job.;) What i saw at BalNY doesn't look like your Violet or OB. I like yours better.:sad:
  10. Are you all disappointed? I wish I could've gone to the show. What is your description?:hrmm:
  11. :crybaby:
    OMG! Was this at Bal, NY? I am soooo upset if it is!!!!
  12. No, I couldn't sleep last night until I messed around with that clutch on photoshop! Nanaz says these don't look like what she saw at BALNY - I just went off the pics that Karenab posted! :graucho:
  13. I shouldn't say i am very disappointed because i liked few other colors but the Violet is very bright and shiny. Of course remember the colors always look different in giant bags. The OB reminds me of the darker Cornflower but i love the original Cornflower. I think may be OB with SH in Day style will look nice. I think Violet will be nice in a clutch or First (IMO). I wish you were there.:heart:
  14. You did a great job, allyboobop!! I can't wait to see those colors IRL.
  15. :rolleyes:
    Sorry sweetie! That quote didn't work right at all! My question was to Sachi! She said her SA told her that the Fall bags would not be in until September, and I was wondering if her SA is at Bal, NY. I am stressing on that big time!!!
    Great photoshop job!