Vintage Kellys and zippers

  1. I am talking OLD bags here (30 to 40 years).The zipper is the first thing to go. The cloth in the zipper may be weak in a vintage bag. My advice is to gently unzip it and then LEAVE it unzipped. No need for the wear and tear of zipping and unzipping. That back pocket it secure enough without being zipped up.
  2. Is it possible to have the zippers replaced?
  3. Yes, I think so, but I am sure it is expensive and the bag would be gone for who knows how long and would then not be totally original, so if you can prevent this by not using the zipper, so much the better. Remember I am talking about very OLD bags, not your new Kelly or Birkin.
    Maybe someone who has had a zipper replaced can provide more info.
  4. Hmmm, expressed in terms of current bags, I wonder if that means Bolide has less chance of longevitiy than, Birkins and Kellys..