Vintage Jumbo XL ..... How Heavy is it Really?

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  1. Hi all! :biggrin:

    So I have heard a few people mention that the Vintage Jumbo XL is Heavy. This may be a silly question, but HOW heavy is it really? I have a Jumbo and I don't find that heavy at all so I am really curious how much difference there could be :thinking:
  2. HEAVY......but so'll forget~~~~~~~~~
  3. Really C? I tried one on in NY and found it to be much lighter than the caviar jumbos that I've owned.
  4. I loved it, but it was too heavy for me, and I am not petite in the slightest. I still wonder if I did the right thing selling though.
  5. hehe, listen to Habanerita...she knows!
  6. Oh thanks Cyndee for the link!

    habanerita, that is funny!
  7. I am jumbos and GSTs, and 227 Reissues.......but the XL jumbo Vintage is by far the most incredibly wonderful bag I own.........for some reason, even though I normally feel quite I take this bag out it is like .............the it!!!!!!!
  8. what other Chanel would you maybe compare it to weight wise? I tried on a Modern Chain before and I thought that was pretty heavy, is it something like that?

    Why do you think it is so much heavier than a Jumbo? :thinking:
  9. I think the modern chain is heavier than the vintage XL jumbo.......just my opinion though///////
  10. Perhaps it would compare to an executive/cerf tote weight-wise? That's about the same size.
  11. i just bought a vintage Jumbo and i didnt think its heavy at all but im used to big bags and stuffing lots of stuff in them so... so worth getting one if your looking into it!
  12. It only becomes heavy if you stuff a lot into it! But treat it wonderfully and it will flow along with you beautifully!!! (At least mine does...)

  13. This is good to know! I actually HAVE a Cerf Tote :P the old style but still. I can definitely handle that!
  14. Thank you greenbean22 and bfali!!

    habanerita - whew! that MC Tote was HEAVY, lol! glad to hear this is lighter than that :P

    Thank you all! I think I have a bit of an idea now :smile: