Vintage Eye Candy for LV Lovers

  1. I am sorry if this has already been posted, and I hope this is the right place for this...(mods, feel free to move this) but I thought you would enjoy the auction catalog for the Gros et Delettrez LV auction coming up this week. The vintage pieces are just amazing... I did not post this in the shopping area because I am not sure this auction is really accessible enough to be considered a "shopping" opportunity, but it it fun to look!!

    go to

    and click on the page marked 27 Avril on the left hand "page" that appears.

    For past auctions (or if youare reading this after April 27), go to the bar above at the top of the site, and click on Ventes Passees (past auctions), and find LV. It is fun to look at these pieces! There are a few past auctions to enjoy.

  2. oooh, talk about eye candy! some of that luggage is TDF!!!
    thanks for posting cobaltblu!
  3. Thanks for sharing!