Vince Aviator leather jacket? Cool or not?

  1. [​IMG]

    Price $675. What do you think?
  2. i actually like the style of the jacket including the color of it. very nice...
  3. I like it, a little iffy about the hood
  4. which color is better?
  5. I like the darker brown colour (the one with the model)
  6. ^ITA
  7. i think it's cute in either color.
  8. very nice! i have a vince leather jacket (not this one). i love it. the leather is incredibly soft and buttery. i really like wearing the vince label. the clothes are comfortable and non-fussy.

    maybe the jacket will go on sale.. since it is almost summer. i bought my jacket on sale earlier this year. it retailed about $600 and i paid about $200 at Neimans during last call.
  9. I prefer the darke one but as someone pointed out that hood is a bit iffy
  10. Thanks for the opinion. I think the hood is removeable. Yes Ithink I like the darker color one better too
  11. its cute, but I think Mike & Chris have cuter ones out there. You should check some of theirs out!
  12. cool!!
  13. i don't like the hood... or i like the whole thing but not in leather.

    it's okay.
  14. the darker one is better then the tan color on the bottom.
  15. that jacket is so hot. i love it. it looks like you vould wear it smart with nice trousers and jewellery or casual with combat trousers.