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  2. Wow, they are ok! Nothing really stands out!
  3. HOLY CRAPOLY, BATMAN!! Did you see those PRICES???? What's MJ trying to do, keep up with Prada?? :wtf:
  4. Abaglover, thanks for sharing.
  5. PP, the price is not unreasonable, the 4th one is $4k because it's Python. =)

    1. Carolyn Patchwork Metallic Leather Silver $1325
    2. Julianne Gathering with quilted vernice (patent leather) nude $1475
    3. Stam Patchwork Metallic Leather Bronze $1650
    4. Stam Metallic Python Skin Blue $4000
    5. Mariah Patchwork Leather Slate $1475
  6. These are from Resort 2006, these styles are arriving in stores now.
  7. I like that Kristen bowler... will it arrive in time for F&F you think?? I really need to stop looknig at bags!

  8. Really? Why are the Resort 2006 bags not available until February 2007? This kinda stuff drives me crazy. I think 2006 bags should be available in 2006, but maybe I'm just nitpicky. I know, I know ... there's a chance the bags may ship out before February 2007 but BG's estimated shipping dates are usually pretty good. Thanks for the info, though, bag.lover! It's good to know!

  9. I had seen the prices when I posted that (and that the 4K was python). I still say IT'S TOO HIGH!:yucky:
  10. Nordstrom has 4 deliveries for Resort 06, Irina falls under Delivery 2.
    DELIVERY 1 (9/25/06-11/10/06)
    DELIVERY 2 (10/16/06-11/30/06) <-- can't wait see Stam & Elise!
    DELIVERY 3 (11/15/06-12/31/06)
    DELIVERY 4 (1/1/07-1/31/07)

    MJ boutiques, Nordstrom, and Saks have received their 1st shipment already. Seems like NM/BG are slower, my local NM hasn't received any Resort 06 items yet, SAs said they won't come until November.

    I wish BG put up more items in the Spring 2007 Preview, I would love to see the upcoming colors for Stam!!! Spring 07 Collection hits stores around 1/07-4/07. =)

    I just read in the other thread that you got a Black Stam to keep your Blush Stam company. Congrats! =)
  11. Is it me or are his bags looking ...ummmm.....CHEAP??????LMAO???WTH?
  12. I must say after seeing these I'm highly disappointed.His prices have increased while his overall vision has decreased.He even managed to make a mess of the upcoming 2007 LV Spring Line.

    Thanks for posting the pics, I know I'll be saving my money by passing on this crap.
  13. ^ I saw that earlier Jill...I agree....**:Push: ** :heart: Emmy
  14. Kristen Bowler & Irina belong to Quilted Signature Leather line. Nordstrom is expected to get this line around 10/16/06-11/30/06, their buyer didn't get the Bowler (not listed in their lookbook).

    Bloomingdale's usually get more styles/colors than Nordies & NM. Their F&F event is around mid-November. =)