Vietnamese Lemon Grass Pork

  1. There are several varieties of this recipe and this is mine.

    2 tbs. soy sauce
    1/4 c lemon grass ( 6 stalks or 2 jars of frozen)
    3 strips of lemon zest
    several garlic cloves ( I use 7 or 8) I love garlic tho
    3 tbsp fish sauce
    3 tbsp lime juice
    olive oil for coating the meat
    2 tbs salt
    1 pork loin ( boneless is key)
    seseme seeds optional

    grind up stalks real good if you dont have the frozen.
    Cut pork very thin, like deli meat w a sharp knife. in a food processor grind up lemon grass, lemon zest, sauces, garlic, lime juice, salt, grind everything together.
    put your cut meat in a bowl pour oil over meat to coat then add your lemon grass mix, mix with hands, add seeds if desired.

    place 1 by 1 each pice of meat on foil, in might take 3 batches to finish all meat, broil until brown then flip meat and broil other side.

    The tradition to eating this is over small rice noodles, lettuce, cut cucumber, and chopped peanuts. This is the very best way to eat this dish. Also, they pour this stuff called Nouc Mum, you mix some fresh lemon juice with fish sauce sugar to taste, a little water and the asain garlic sauce and hoisin sauce.
    All the stuff that seems odd will be sold at any Asain grocery store.
  2. thanks for sharing this.. I will try it out this weekend....
  3. YUMBA! Going to try this. I loooove lemongrass. Thanks for the recipe. :yes:
  4. This stuff is sooo good! I always try to order this when I'm at a Vietnamese restaurant. Yum!
  5. No problem gals ;)
  6. thanks for sharing...we have all of these ingredeints ready at home except for the meat!!! :biggrin:
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  8. yum! i love lemon grass pork chops!
    are you vietnamese too prsldy74?
  9. :drool: Sounds YUMMMmm... I love Vietnamese food especially the 'Pho'?? Beef noodle soup:yes: Any nice soup recipe:graucho: Thanks for this one BTW!!!:flowers: