Vietnamese/English DJ/MC HELP!!!!

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  1. This is directed more to anyone who live in Ontario...

    I am getting married next year to the love of my life :nuts: we have having the hardest time finding an MC for our wedding that can speak both English and Vietnamese fluently. Any idea where to look for one??? This has become the biggest stress source in this whole wedding planning thing :sad: Especially for someone like me who has to have everything planned WELL ahead of time. To me 7 months is cutting it short lol

    Any leads would be GREAT!!!

    Thanks everyone....:tup:
  2. I know that you can perhaps look into those Vietnamese mags in the back, or perhaps post a classifieds ad in there!

    I live in So Cal and I would imagine it would be easy to find an MC here!

    Congrats :smile:~
  3. Go on the local boards for can ask local brides who they may know. They have a Canada section.
  4. I recently came back from a Wedding in Orange County/LA area and there was a Vietnamese DJ and he is Bilingual. He did a terrific job at my girlfriend's wedding. He even has Karaoke in English and Vietnamese and his prices are very reasonable...His name is Dewey (DUy) and his # is 657-200-1403
  5. Hi, this question was asked 3,5 years ago.....thanks for answering though!
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