Video on Trial

  1. Anyone familiar this show? It's on Much Music?

    I discovered it while I was staying at my aunt's house. In each episode, four videos are played and there are five 'jurors' (usually Canadian comedians) who critique the video. They give their verdict and at the end of the show, each video gets a sentencing.

    Sometimes they have special shows, like Centrefold Edition, Totally '80s and Holiday Crap.

    One of my favorites was when they critiqued Wham!'s Careless Whisper:

    "Second on the docket, Wham! Careless Whisper. This video is charged under the 'Come on! Look at him, he's SO gay!' clause. The jury will note that when George Michael kisses a woman, it's so obvious he's pretending she's a bearded lumberjack."

    So the video plays and the jurors comment on the video.
    "Here I go. I'm totally going to kiss a girl." "You know, totally, in his head, he's going 'Gross! Gross! Gross! Gross!'"
    "So his wife gets home from the prom . . ."
    "Okay my verdict for Careless Whisper: I find him guilty of pretending to like girls."

    "I sentence you to going on a date with Lance Bass."

    The Final Verdict: Sentenced to stop hanging out at truck stops with Lance Bass.
  2. Haven't seen that epis. but love VOT, best show on television if you ask me. Ron Sparks is the best judge hands down, also Debra DiGivani, so funny!