Victoria's Secret Pink Collection!

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  1. is anyone else obsessed with this little label? :yahoo:

    it's just so accessible, so inexpensive and so darn cute, i can never seem to resist! i buy stuff nearly every theme, and never seem to have enough/satisfy my hunger for more!
  2. It is a really cute line.
  3. PINK is great! i got my 1st pair of "pink pants" a couple years ago. i have about 6-7 pairs. great to work out in or just louge. but now EVERYONE has them.

    i :heart: how all their pink line has dogs on them, i love dogs!
  4. i love cats, but the dog is still adorable and he HAS grown on me!

    the pants and tops are so addictive for around the house/working out!
  5. I love the pink line!
  6. I personally wasn't particularly moved by this new line. My girlfriend loves it though.
  7. I love this line... the pants are sooo comfy
  8. I love it too. For some reason, my relatives all get me VS Gift Cards for like every holiday and whenever they come to visit (I haven't a clue why :shrugs: ). Well...there is only so much underwear a girl can own, so I have started to buy a lot of the Pink stuff. I love lounging around the house in it. It always makes me feel pretty (even if I don't exactly look like one of the girls in the catalog).
  9. I love the sweatpants.:yes:
  10. Not a fan at all.
  11. Some of there stuff are cute but others seem a little too young for me.
  12. i love their stuff too! Their sweatpants are the most comfy. Their tops run too big for me, but are cute as well.
  13. I love the line i just bought a cute tee there and like 3 tanks and going to get one of their hoodies.
  14. i am so obsessed with this line. I counted my VS pink sweat pants last night and I own 37 pairs. The sweat pants are my favorite they have such cute colors, and designs. My favorite are the ones that say PINK on the rear.
  15. Holy crap 37 pairs!!! lol

    I also have the sweatpants and cropped shorts, etc that say pink on the rear. They are sooooo comfy. Also I really like bright colours together. Plus my chi's benefit from it because I always get the free plush dog. :yes: