Victoria's Secret gift bag *pics* *new thread*

  1. please ignore the other thread as i PM a mod already to delete it
    yes i am officially a cheapo and kiddish esp that i'm married!! *embarrassing*
    anyway, they're cute and functional:heart:
    the li'l coin purse is from bath and body works i use it as a wallet:p
    199487195108_0_ALB.jpg 582797195108_0_ALB.jpg 726167195108_0_ALB.jpg
  2. That middle one really does want to be an LV!

  3. Oh, those are cute.:yes:
  4. Those bags (and some of the others I saw) remind me of Juicy Couture stuff.
  5. Those are really cute....All those Victoria's Secret haters out there (on LV forum post) I'm guessing must NOT fit in VS sizes because of their strong opinions:roflmfao: .
    I think the bags and stuff are fun!

  6. LMAO! I think it's all fun too. There are some things I couldn't fit my left boob into in that store but wish I could!!! ;)
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. Cute.
  9. I personally wouldn't use it out of the house, but it's cute, so who cares? Some people are so "uppity" about such silly things.
  10. I really like the bath and body works coin purse and that pink puffy heart on it...

    Does it come with the pink puffy heart??
  11. no, i just hang it there. when you squeeze that heart, it whistles, like the whistle when a guy sees a hottie :graucho:
  12. I saw the middle one in the store and the first thing I thought was LV. But, I thought it was cute.
  13. These are cute. Are they being sold online?
  14. Here's the link to the page on the VS site: Victoria's Secret - Gift Bag