Victoria's new bag, Please help :)

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  1. Please tell me the designer and name of the bag Thanks :smile:




  2. it looks like it very well might be Valextra, which is often refered to as the Italian Hermes.

    Valextra is available at Barney's, but i can't find that particular style on their website.

    though it could be another brand all together.

    anyways, HTH.
  3. Forget the bag - how about those shoes??? Can anyone name them???
  4. Its a Hermes (judging by the feet on the bottom of the bag) but I don't know what model name I'm afraid.
  5. i think the shoes is from ysl
  6. My husband just purchased me a new Birkin bag. He was told it was togo, but I honestly believe they made a mistake and it is Clemence. Is there anyway I can make sure it is togo without taking it into an Hermes Store? It is new, therefore it hasn't soften enough to fully have the characteristics of Clemence. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  7. Why don't you post photos of it in the Authenticate This Hermes thread as they will be able to tell you the leather.

  8. The shoes are the YSL Tribute pump
  9. I believe its Valextra, she wears a lot of Valextra. Maybe the Linea S in pergamena white?
  10. ^^Yes! Yes! It's one of my favorites - Valextra Linea S! :drool:

    Here's a pic I found on the web somewhere. It's smaller and in a different leather and colorway.

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  11. I think its hilarious, how even when she carries other brands they still look very much like something that could have been made by H.

    This is a very "Hermes" bag imo, thanks for the id PscyhoBagLady. :flowers:
  12. Thanks very much for the tip on the shoes! I'll be looking out fo them now!
  13. I thought it was Hermes because the feet on the bottom of the bag are exactly the same as the Hermes ones!
  14. The shoes are Tribute Too pumps and the bag is definately Valextra
  15. Gorgeous bag.