Victoria Secret Online Returns

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  1. I purchased a lot of clothing from Victoria Secret and I ended up returning most of it for one reason or another. I have gotten an email stating that they received my return but it still hasn't been refunded on my credit card yet. It this normal or do I need to call CS?
  2. This is my first time responding to someone so I hope I am doing it correctly. From what I remember they do send you an email saying that they have received your return but it takes awhile to get the actual refund because they have to take into consideration any codes that you used, tax, shipping, if you used their 5.99 returen label, etc. I think it took about a week after the email for them to credit me back. If you have concerns you should give them a call... at least your mind will be put at ease;)
  3. Ok so I'll wait a little longer until I call. I hate how it takes companies 4 seconds to charge but account but 4 weeks to remove it. :rolleyes:

    Oooo and welcome to TPF!!!
  4. Thank you! I have been a lurker for so long that it started to feel weird:weird:...
  5. Pretty sure this is standard with many retailers. Nordstrom let me know they received my return, but also that it would take a little while more for the refund to go through.
  6. Thanks, I know this is standard at most online retailers. VS's email says something along the lines of We have received your return and we have credited your account. But they haven't credited my account so that is where my concern came from. They should really reword their emails.
  7. Ooh, I see! That is pretty poor wording on their part. Quite misleading.
  8. The time for the credit to show up also depends on your credit card company's processing time, which in my experience has taken anywhere from a few days to a few weeks from the time of refund. So it's very possible VS already credited you, even though it's not showing up in your CC account.
  9. usually it takes a few days for credit to be returned to a credit card. the same goes to say if you used your credit card at nordstroms. even though you returned an item today, it takes anywhere from 1 day to 3 days for the credit to appear returned to your credit card. it depends on the day of the week (week day or weekend) and your credit card issuer.
  10. I hope you get your return soon. I'm with blah956. It should only take a few days I think. If it's taking weeks, I'd definitely keep checking up with them. I know that Rebates take forever, but I haven't had problems with credit taking forever.
  11. I just had to return some v-day items that didnt quite fit yesterday and their return policy is really good, but annoying at the same time.

    They said on the return form to "please allow up to 30 days for the return and refund to be processed" ... so dont panic if its been a few weeks! They will also deduct any return shipping from whatever card you used to pay for the items with so you dont have to worry about that at the UPS drop off either :smile:
  12. VS usually takes 2-3 weeks to refund the $ to your CC in my experience.

  13. Yes, they are a bit long to refund if you need it but at least it would be done to the last cent !

    Moreover, when I returned for exchange, I paid customs taxes once, but not twice (hopefully ;) ) Very serious company and good CS indeed :tup:
  14. VS usualy takes a longggg time, I have returned/exchanged from the online store many times. If your worried you can always call and theyll tell you the status of your return.