Victoria Beckham's Book Cover...starring the Birkin

  1. I think it is fuschia ostrich but cannot tell on my laptop...

  2. Ok....this is too funny.......where do we find this book? I just might need it......
  3. lol i don't know! I might go skim it at Barnes. I wonder if Hermes HQ will be happy when they see this cover.
  4. I already did a search - I think it will be released at the end of October...
  5. Think she'll be banned from Hermes???? You know what that means,... no more shortage!!!! More bags in the store!!!! :yahoo:

    lol,.. not! She had to get their permisson to be able to do this.
  6. She looks so much better in this picture compared to the latest shots I have seen of her.
  7. I think it just yells "oh your bag similar to the bag on the cover of spent how much?!"
    Oh I wish this Hermes thing was more discreet...leave us alone you stars and whathaveyous...Hermes used to not be so LOUD!!
    Oh...just had to voice my opinion....getting really tired of the masses wearing Hermes...the same thing happened to everyone is attuned to Hermes!! What's the big deal? What used to be a low-key corporation with Grace Kelly is really getting blown out of proportion....sorry just came back from lunch and read this thread. that I've settled down a little bit....which book store??:wlae:
  8. what a funny picture
  9. Doesn't she have a very odd expression? It looks like her mouth is smiling but her eyes are not. Kind of a cheesy fake grin.... Nice Birkin, though! ;)

  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: OMG LH you are just a crack up!

    ....the end of October? we have to wait THAT long?????
  11. hope not! :nuts:
  12. This made me laugh so hard too. I was just starting to get behind you on your big rant and then........ POOF ........... I think we need to see more pics of all of her bags to be able to make a determination as to how much harm this will do.:P
  13. I doubt it.....
  14. I agree.:rant:
  15. That fake grin is all the Botox not letting her smile,... Sorry Vicky fans,. I'm not a Vicky fan,. well not since 1998 when Vicky was Vicky! I even names my Vicky after her!!!