Victoria Beckhams

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  1. I currently have my hair cut in a bob. its about chin lenght with the sides being slightly longer than the back. I love VB's hair....lots. I searched and searched and couldn't really find any very good pics of her hair from the back and side.
    I want to take some photos to my stylist when i go next.
    if anyone is more computer literate and able to find any good pics,,,,please help!

    p.s. : my hair is super thick....her hair cut would look ok? no? i freakin hope it would.

    thank you
  2. Celebrity Section search should net you some, or Pink is the New Blog always profiles her so you could search around there.

    I have very thick hair, too and I have a style similar to VBs (although with bangs and I'm not a size 2 :lol: ). I think the inverted cut is very flattering especially to those with maybe not as strong of a chin, it also highlights cheekbones well. I get mine layered since while my hair is thick it gives it some fullness without style products.
  3. Go to the Stars with Birkins thread on the Hermes board. Since Vb is always carrying Hermes, we have TOOOONNNNS of pics of this bob, including some great shots from the back and side that you could print and take to your stylist. Try the last few pages of this huge thread. :smile:
  4. I have a TON of VB bob pics saved on my computer.. I was growing my hair into a bob to be styled like hers but I've since decided to go back to a pixie cut. You should PM me your email address & I would be happy to email them to you;)
  5. go to google...and click on images...and do a serch for Victoria Beckham!!!
  6. thank you everyone.
    I did a google search before i asked this question and found no good photos :smile:
    PM'ing you Acegirl, thank you
  7. Here's a good one I saw a few days ago

  8. ^^^ thats a real good one, thank you....i'll have to print it out :yahoo:
  9. Glad I could help :smile:
  10. Check out her new do in the Beckham thread- celebrity section... Very similar to what I was already going to have done to mine on Monday, LOL!
  11. ^^ i think it's super cute....but the blonde i can't do.
    She's got great hair. imo
  12. I had my hair in a bob like Victoria's about four years ago. My hair is wavy and SUPER thick, so instead of the bob making my life easier, it made it hell because I was always fighting against cowlicks and poofy hair. Longer hair gives my hair weight, so though I love the bob look, it just won't work with my hair. If your hair is wavy and thick like mine, I would suggest leaving more length to fight the poof factor.
  13. love her hair!
  14. Love her hairstyle! wish I can go short like that! good luck, hope it works out for you