Victoria Beckham: What is this bag? Malesherbes or Recital?

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    This picture was posted by and belongs to LV_Addict. It is on the first page (#3 post) of the "Celebrities and their LV's" under "Recital." However, another purseforum member later on posted in that thread that it was actually the discontinued "Malesherbes" purse. What is this bag that Victoria Beckham carrying- is it a Malesherbes or Recital? Just curious.
  2. Recital.
  3. It is a recital. The malesherbes is more square. Kinda hard to describe! LOL
  4. The Malesherbes is a SO bag:

  5. Oh and seriously if LV_addict says its a certain bag you can be 100% certain it is! LOL She is extremely knowledable!!:yes: :nuts:
  6. It's a Recital. The Malesherbes is more like a "kelly". Also the Malesherbes is not SO. It is discontinued now. HTH
  7. I've never seen this bag before :shame: Cute design (but I can't deal with the Monogram Mono :Push: )
  8. Hmm. I thought in Mono it's SO? No?
  9. And Damier is NOT SO:

  10. Ahh I have never seen it in Damier! It's gorgeous!!!:yes: Thanks for posting this Michelle!

  11. They used to be SO, then part of the regular lines. Then they got discontinued a few years back. They also came in Epi. I have had a Mono, Damier and a Black Epi. I have since sold them all. If you look on ebay, you can get really good deals on them. Let-trade has them pop up every once in a while. They are actually one of my favorite LV styles of bags. I think it would be fabulous in the new Azur.
  12. ^Ah. Used to be SO! Gotcha! Thanks.