Victim of theft...please help!

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  1. Dear Friends,

    I have not posted here in a long while. So long, that some of you might have forgotten. LOL. Well, things here in the inn have been rather busy of late. And the last couple of incidents this past weekend have driven me insane. On Saturday, I received a note from an organisation informing me that I was basically unsuitable for a position I applied for(Mrs. Within half an hour of reading that letter, I was robbed.

    My Garden Party containing everything from wallet, laptop, phones, keys, ID, credit cards, ATM cards etc etc........taken away. Basically, the only thing I have left that is proof of whom I claim to be is my passport - which is ridiculous, laughable and depressing.

    I am leaving the country for a bit of a break and am heading off to Thailand. If any of you are in Bangkok, please be so very kind as to give me the name of a SA I can get in touch with at the H store. I am desperate for a Garden Party. Of all my H bags, it is the one I used most - for its versatility, endurance against daily abuse and subtlety.

    I thank you all in
  2. Eric, of course we have not forgotten you. What a horrible thing to happen (((hugs))) and what a palaver trying to sort everything out, I hope you find another GP and that you come back from your break refreshed and ready to start over (by the way, that job was obviously not for you, I believe in fate about these things)
  3. I am sorry. Hope things will get better soon. atleast you still have your passport to leave the country.
  4. I am so sorry. Big Big Hugs. Small consolation but I am so glad you have your passport! Good luck!
  5. I wish I could help you!

    All I can do is say I am so sorry and I wish you the best. No one deserves what you went through!!!
  6. I am so sorry to hear about what happened. Hope you get another GP soon, and take care!
  7. Yes...thank god my passport is in a safe. And thank the lord once more that it wasn't the Birkin!!!!
  8. Oh no!! I am so sorry for your troubles. I will keep you in my thoughts that positive things come your way. Take Care
  9. Omg Eric Fam so sorry to hear that! I love the beaches in Phuket!
  10. (((Eric))) I feel with you.
    This is just a black stripe on the Zebra-life we all live. Gotta walk through it. The white is next and it is rewarding :flowers: ALWAYS
  11. OH my gosh! When it rains it pours! If you can not stand tobe without a Garden party bag a minute longer perhaps you should just buy one at it could be in your hands as soon as the day after tomarrow! hang in there Lady!
  12. Eric, it sure sounds like you need a break! I'm so sorry you were robbed, but thankfully you weren't hurt. Definitely sounds like retail therapy is in order.
  13. Ninja, where have you been?
  14. good luck to you! hope things work out soon!!!
  15. O no I'm so sorry for you... grrrr. I hope you find a new GPT soon.