Vichy~ can anyone tell me about it???

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  1. I clicked on the Vichy banner here on the forum & checked out their website. I hadn't heard of this line before but it looks interesting.. It reminds me of La Roche Posay (which I was just recently introduced to & bought some sunscreen..) I currently use Proactiv as my daily skin care regimen & am really happy with it but I always wonder if there is something better out there. Does anyone here use Vichy products?
  2. i used to use Vichy..only for a short period of time. used their acne (green) facial wash and milk cleanser. loved it.
  3. Yes I use Vichy products ! as well as Avene and La Roche Posay.
    They are products based on thermal water, from french thermal locations.
    Very good brands, excellent for sensitive skins, they offer a product line for every type of skin problem.
    Overhere they are sold in pharmacy, drugstores and while the packaging and brand image are boring, they are a lot cheaper and excellent efficiency.
    Let 's say that I like them as basics to wash, moisturize, and treat imperfections (pimples) on my skin but I still use the fancy brands with it(Guerlain,Estee Lauder), when my skin is not too sensitive. (not like in winter !!°)

    My favorites : Normaderm -Vichy (anti pimples of all sorts),
    Thermal fix and Nutrilogy -Vichy (to re-hydrate during winter or summer)
    Novadiol -Vichy (anti aging cream -made my skin look so fresh in the morning ! but meant for 40+)

    water spray and mask -Avene (the best brand for sensitive red skin)
  4. I love the Vichy products too.

    I get them in Paris and in Vancouver, Canada. I haven't seen them sold in the states.
  5. Here is the website to order in the US..


    Thanks for all your info gals! I think I'm going to try one of the items mellecyn suggested. Now I just have to decide which one!
  6. Of course,these products have worked on me, with my type of skin and problem. But they do have a large range adapted for each skin type, so make sure your pick the right ones for you !!
  7. I used to use Vichy products before I switched to clinique. I was becoming hard to find their products in the UK, however but I've since found them all over the place in contental Europe, lol!

    They had a good cleansers and toners for dry skin.