Very Very Long Nails !!

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    An undated handout photograph released on September 27, 2006 shows Lee Redmond of the U.S. who has won entry into the latest edition of Guinness World Records September 28, 2006 with the world's longest fingernails.

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  2. That is positively horrifying. How does she... care for herself... hygenically?
  3. ^^ Eeeew!

    I wonder how she washes her hair (or anything else):yucky:
  4. :throwup::yucky::throwup:
  5. repulsive
  6. ok this is just gross...
  7. how the heck does she wipe herself? just the thought is making me wanna throw up!
  8. Yuck! I think that loooong nails in general look trashy...I can't even begin to fathom hers!!!

    Eww Farah that is sooooo gross! UR right, though...she probably doesn't!!!

    How would you like to be HER personal assistant?!?! LMAO!!!
  9. ewwwww! it looks like something u'd do for halloween! so scary!
  10. Sick.
  11. seriously!!!! I felt like I was going to throw up looking at that...UGHHHH
  12. that's nasty. i heard on the radio this morning that she started growing out her nails back in 1979!:yucky: soaked them in olive oil and nail hardener or she probably hasn't had a good wash for a good while, unless she's so wealthy that she doesn't have to wipe her own a**.
  13. How the hell do you wipe your ass with nails like that? Bleh!
  14. :throwup::throwup::throwup:
  15. That's so freakin nasty...she has mental problems.