Very Prive 70mm question.

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  1. Has anyone seen these recently anywhere? I would love a pair, especially nude or black patent with red toe.
  2. I'm thinking either SFA or NM/BG. Oh, wait...check Barney's. I've never seen them with a contrasting toe though.
  3. I saw some on, but none in my size or color choice. I have an SA at Saks that I may have try to hunt them down. I am about to check NM/, but they don't have physical stores in my state.
  4. I have black patent with red toe and brown with burgundy toe. I got them both on fleabay but I have seen them on
  5. If you can't find an SA @ NM, call the Charlotte NC store and ask for Ben or Karlynne. They'll hunt them down for you---if they can.
  6. They were on sale at Bob Ellis but they're not on the website anymore. It wouldnt hurt to ask though.
  7. i think i saw some at saks nyc yesterday. im positive i've seen them there before.
  8. oooh, I'd love some too!
  9. Please keep us posted on what you find out! I have the burgundy with black toe ones from Barneys and they're so good as work shoes. They end up getting a lot more wear than my higher heels.
  10. Would you post modeling pics?!
  11. any modeling? i have always wonder what 70 mm NP looks like worn...? do they look frumpy?
  12. Here are my brown ones, hope you can see...not so good at showing the height...

    And my black ones in another lousy

  13. I've tried them on and was VERY SURPRISED how NOT frumpy they looked. I would get them in a heartbeat---and only haven't because there were always other styles I wanted more and I can't buy them all.
  14. I think they are definitely at Saks, I've seen a couple pairs, and they might be a Bergdorf Goodman too.

    How could they look frumpy...?! They just have a lower heel!

    I think they are fabulous. They are perfect for people like my mum who can't and don't want to wear the super high heels. I think they look fabulous under pants. It's a great way to wear the Very Prive every single day without ruining your feet as much as the 4''+ ones will.
  15. I have black w/black toe and I like them very much-I don't think they are at all frumpy and they are comfy too!