Very cute '04 metallic red mini classique $199 SP!

  1. Very cute. I was tempted but I just can't trust Ebay right now unless someone from this forum has the listing.
  2. ^^ Hmm... the seller just got a neg for selling that same bag cause of the condition. But she seems honest about the condition of the bag in this listing and has more pics up. If you pay with a CC you will be protected by your CC company if anything goes wrong.
  3. This is actually my listing. The person that sold me the bag told me it was brand new, and after arguing with the seller for a refund and paypal I found it just easier to resell. It is very cute, but too small for my needs.
  4. ^Oops sorry I had it backwards. Seller left the neg, not received it sorry! :shame: Still a very cute bag though! :yes: Good luck with the sale Impasto!
  5. Thanks Pewter I understood what ya meant! :smile:
  6. ^oh, impasto! I was drooling over your bag! It's soooo cute. I'll never use it, but it's one hell of an eye-candy :drool: :drool: Too bad about the size.
  7. yeah, the original seller was out to defraud. It looks like that's not the only time they missrepresented an item. Luckily they are no longer a registered user, so they can't pull the same crap again, unless they made a new ID already.
  8. Good luck with the sale and very sorry that the seller wasn't honest about the condition of the bag! It looks very cute :heart:
  9. oooh so cute, i love the color! someone should snatch it up!
  10. That's stunning. Good luck with your sale.
  11. Too bad the BIN price $250 is gone after the first bid