Very bummed - $150.00 candle dropped and smashed -

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  1. Not many people I know would remotely understand this, but I just have to get it off of my chest.

    Tonight, I was at Barneys in San Francisco while on business. I picked up a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag - and I wanted to get a nice candle. I LOVE candles. My old standbys are a few Diptyque candles, the London candle from Bath and Body Works, a couple Fresh candles, etc.

    After trying numerous candles tonight, I found one I loved with the help of the Barney's SA. It was made by 12.29 called This Feels Dangerous. Smells like an incredible vanilla with dark chocolate and musk.

    Get back to my hotel, I am unpacking the candle and considering if I want to light it in the hotel room. I decide not to and slip the box back on the candle, the candle slips out of the bottom part of the box, smashes its porcelain holder onto the glass table.

    Never even got to light the damned thing. :sad:

    I sent an email to the maker of the candle (as well as their FB) with a copy of my receipt and the broken candle asking if there is a way to get another container or something.

    I am just devastated. I am not a complete baller and $150.00 was a little excessive for a candle so I viewed it as a RARE treat.

    And boom. :sad:
  2. Sorry.:sad: That is disappointing.

    My new phone was sealed into some kind of waterproof/impact resistant/dirt & snow proof case.
    Before I even left store.
    Because clerk watched me dropping display models & knew I was trouble.

    Cannot imagine what I'd do to a gorgeous candle.
  3. Hah! How smart of the sales clerk! I have (knock on wood) never damaged my phone.

    It is a bummer.
  4. Ah that would break my heart! Does your credit card have purchase protection? Maybe you can file a claim with your credit card and they should cover it since the item was damage.
  5. All ended well!

    I called the Barneys customer service line at the store and they allowed me to exchange it. They only had one left so I was quite happy and very happy with their customer service.
  6. Wow, that's generous!
  7. great customer service - hope you enjoy your new candle!
  8. Wow! That is so awesome!
  9. That is fantastic!