vert gazon or french blue city??? which one to get???

  1. thanks! I am having a hard time will be my one and only bbag...well atleast till i can afford more
  2. :heart:
    Since they are both gorgeous colors, you should pick the color that would go best with your wardrobe. IMO, they are the 2 prettiest colors from the season. I was contemplating both colors for my new Matelasse, so I chose the one that would coordinate with my clothes the best. Once you get a new bag you want to use it all the time, so it would be a shame to have to leave it at home because the color clashed with what you are wearing.
  3. French blue gets my vote
    I really like that color, I think it's super nice if you wear black
    I really don't like vert gazon, the only bright green that I adore is apple green.
  4. Great advice, Deana! ITA! Let us know which one you decide on - they are both gorgeous!
  5. I find with blues it may be difficult to match them, one is more blue-grey, blue-violet, blue-green etc., and if you wear jeans a lot, it might be hard. If you don't wear lots of green, vert gazon might be better?
  6. ^I agree.

    I think if you wear more black, ivory & white then FB will be gorg. If you wear blues more then VG might be better cause FB might clash...

    I personally prefer FB, but if it's going to be your only bbag for now, you prob. want one that goes with your wardrobe better? :smile:
  7. Although I think the french blue is gorgeous, I find the vert gazon so fresh.

    Here's a pic of me with one:

  8. Vg!!!
  9. Well, you've picked my favorite two current balenciaga colors - so I just don't know how I can pick ONE!

    Perhaps go with the one that matches your skintone the best - or would be a better fit with your wardrobe?
  10. I think I agree on the VG. I have an 06 emerald city and I SWEAR it goes with everything single thing I wear. Believe it or not, green tends to be a very versatile color.

    I'e been contemplating getting a VG day, but the only thing holding me back is that I already have a green bbag. However, I don't know how long that will hold me back, lol.
  11. FB gets my vote. This is my favorite. The leather is amazing!

  12. Impossible decision!
    go for the green!
  13. I'd go for green too. It's beautiful!
  14. VERT GAZON!!! You can dress her up or down, either way she'll look great.:graucho:

  15. They are both gorgeous but I would have to go with the vert.