Vert Fonce, the neglected color?

  1. I'm really curious about this color but it seems very few are purchasing this bag. Anyone that has seen it, or has one, please post pics. Is it more olive like the '06 or is it more like olive brown? I saw a couple of pictures on here but they were with flash and it's very hard to tell. Anyone have pictures in natural light or in sunlight? :smile:
  2. It just so happened, that I had these uploaded on photo-bucket already ;) (sorry about the large pics) Hope these help.. :yes:

    This ones underneath natural sunlight... (it shows brown undertones in direct sunlight)


    This one is under natural light ...( probably seen this posted all over tpf already... :p)


    This is my sisters Vert Fonce PT in natural light as well... This one is more close to RL, it's a rich dark army green camo color.

  3. I don't think it's neglected........I can't seem to find one anywhere......I'm looking for the SGH PT.

    Oogie......your bag is tdf!!!!
  4. Mmmm what a classy alternative to black! the blue toned lovers can have Plomb/Steel and the brown/green/olive toned lovers can have Vert fonce! Would be interested to see it with regular hardware too, I wonder if it only really shines with GH or if it's darkly luscious in regular ....
  5. oogie, if I recall you also have some sun photos that show the green better - it might help if you post those, too!

    I happen to ADORE my vert fonce GGH hobo. It's brown when I need brown, but then in the sun, there's this huge pop of olive green. So, to me, it negates the need for a brown bag, but it just has that little something extra. I love that it's a "what color is that" bag!
  6. Oogie, that PT is stunning! Wow:nuts:.....gotta add that color to the list! Does anyone happen to have one in RH that we can see?
  7. that bag is gorgeous!!!!!!!!! i love the day!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks Cracker, cuteusername, LouisGal.. the PT is actually my sis's (Blessings) Cuteusername.. can you post pics of your ggh Hobo? The Vert Fonce looks great w/ the cooler SGH & warmer GGH hardware. Is this color hard to locate?
  9. Hey all - I've got a vert fonce make-up and it looks just like army green to me. If I can ever figure out how to get pictures up, I'll post it. It is a really versatile color and I do agree that it's been neglected. My make-up goes with everything and I love her to pieces. Mine definitely doesn't look as brown as the pictures above.

  10. me too cracker !!! :nuts:

    I loove the combo !!:heart:
  11. The vert fonce bags I saw at NM had some of the best leather of the season. They were TDF.
  12. WOW! I love this color with the SGH ... especially in the day bag! I think i might need it .....:yes:
  13. Yes I think with SGH this colour looks amazing!!!
  14. It looks grogeous! What I'm curious about is how does it compare to '03 Olive Brown and '04 Khaki, I love both of those.
    Nanaz, thank you. I do recall that thread but I just can't seem to get a really good feel for exaclty what color this bag is. In some pics it looks more brown, in others it looks like a very dark green. :confused1: