vert fonce ggh OR black ggh part time??


Which one would you choose?

  1. Vert Fonce (Olive) GGH PT

  2. Black GGH PT

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. on my search for a black ggh part time, i've come across a vert fonce ggh pt too!! i'm having a tough time in making a decision between the two as i saw the VF ggh work @ Barneys 2 wks ago and it was GORGEOUS in that combo!! plus, i regretfully sold my sgh vf pt to my friend a couple months ago. what to do!! what to do?!?!

    would appreciate all the help:heart: and PICS would help if someone had the vf in ggh!!! TIA everyone!!
  2. Black pt ggh is my vote,love it.....
  3. That's a very tough decision!! Ultimately, I voted for the Black GGH only because I personally prefer the GGH with black - with Vert Fonce I would prefer SGH. BUT, if you prefer the VF with the GGH then you really should go for that since you will probably have an easier time finding the Black later if you still wanted Black as well.
  4. well, the black ggh is in agneau and the VF is in chevre (which is the leather i really love). the other thing is the black does not come with card tags and cost retail :sad:
  5. I voted for VF because:
    --Black will always be available, VF is seasonal
    --VF is a great neutral
    --VF leather is gorgeous!!!
  6. VF! I love the Black with GGH too, but you will have an easier time finding that later!!
  7. normally I would say black, but if VF goes with your skintone it would be amazing in the GGH city!
  8. Vert Fonce for same reasons as pseub. If you still HAVE to have the black in the future, it'll be readily available for you
  9. i chose VF... Its a beautiful dark color..
  10. Vert Fonce all the way!
    you've had it before - did you LOVE it then?
  11. alisonna- i got the vf sgh pt and i sold it cuz it was agenau leather. the one i found w/ ggh is chevre hence the need for it!!!:yahoo: i totally :heart: chevre leather!! my friend who purchased my sgh agrees that i should get the ggh too as she's loving every moment carrying hers :smile:
  12. I actually think the vert fonce is superb with the GGH, so that's my vote!