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  1. Have any of you purchased the new color VERT AMANDE having already a bag in ETAIN? If so: are you happy or are those bags too similar?
    I was looking for a more grey tone (more like gris mouette) but at this moment is nothing available and was offered a Vert Amande birkin PHW instead.
    Having an Etain birkin GHW I took time for thinking about it . The difference in hardware gives the bag a different look but despite Amande is lighter, the shade of color seems very similar to me. Thanks for your opinion and help in this decision.
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  2. They are different in my opinion- what leathers are you comparing?

    The bags I've seen in VA have a distinct green understone and possibly even a bit warmer.
  3. Togo
  4. I think the colors themselves are too similar unless you have a large bag collection. However the hardware difference does add an interesting feature. Are the bags also the same size? My usual thought process is “is there an outfit or situation where I currently would carry bag A but would much rather carry new bag B instead, if it were in my collection?”
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  5. Hi, first of all thanks for your opinion. Both bags are in size 30. I do have in fact a large collection but your question is right: I cant find a situation where I will prefer to wear VA instead of Etain. My Etain is quite new in collection as birkin (I own also an older kelly but in TC which has more brown undertones than the new Etain in togo) and I'm not fed up of it. I usually buy without thinking so much .... I'm doubtful perhaps because I really would like to get a Gris Mouette or a real medium grey, but is at this time impossible to find in store, also as special order. I hope it will be back soon....
  6. I would pass on the VA....
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  7. I have the VA Birkin with PHW in Togo. I absolutely love the color and think it is the most interesting grey H has done. That said I also have an Etain Kelly in Togo with GHW. They are very similar greys and in many lights, easily mistaken for the other. I recently had an SA compliment me on my “Etain” Birkin.
  8. FYI - hope it helps you making a decision: IMHO my gris mouette Kelly has a light blue undertone (on pictures this colour looks more grey than IRL (my opinion), so not "a real grey" either...
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  9. I have vert amande in evercolour and it has a distinctive green undertone... Etain to me has a cooler, more blue/purple undertone. They really are quite different. But if you can't find a situation where you need it, then don't buy it. Check it out in person and if you still have doubts, it's a sign to move on.
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  10. They are so different - this coming from someone who has both. Other things to consider leather type - swift, epsom , Togo etc all take colors differently . I got my V Amande first and when I saw etain, I didn’t even feel any sense of familiarity or duplicity. It was so stunning and different, I wanted it. As a suggestion, when you go to the store, can you take your etain with you for comparison? V Amande is more in the green (deep green methinks) color scheme than gray so if your desire is a gray bag, then I’d say perhaps wait for gris M? Etoupe IMO is more gray than Vert Amande. Good luck
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  11. It really depends on your needs and bag collection. I think of them as both neutrals but very different tones (VA is more green and earthy, my etain is more of a perfect gray). I do like VA but I don't think I would take it since I already have etain and I'd want VA just in a SLG.

    Have you been able to see it in person? I've seen instances on this forum where even etain in the same leather can look different in different batches.

    If you love it and you have room for it in your collection, then get it. But at the same time, if you're looking for a more true gray, then more offers will come your way.
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  12. I saw it in person before Christmas and I was wearing my etain, but both of them had gold hardware. Now I saw VA in togo with palladium, I didn't have the etain with me, but I had a different impression. Surely in the next few days I'll go to the boutique with the birkin etain and I'll be able to see them up close.
  13. Hmmm, I haven't seen VA in person but judging from photos I think they are very different. As others have said, VA is gray with green undertones and Etain has more purple/cooler undertones. I do not personally think they look alike.
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  14. Vert Amande is really beautiful. I bought a Ulysse in this color and didn't think I would love it as much as I do. It is definitely a gray-green, though.
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  15. This is mine, purchased last week. It's a gorgeous grey, because it changes colour according to light. When it's dark, it looks like etain, under sunlight you can see the green undertone.

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