versatile tan/brown/cognac work bag

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  1. I would like recs for a brown/tan/cognac/tobacco bag large enough to carry a couple file folders or a small binder (for work) that is equally nice with slacks and a blouse or jeans and a sweater (somewhat casual work environ) that looks great for a casual weekend dinner or on the airplane. Tote-like, but not boxy or dull. I have very slouchy hobos (Michael Kors, Coach, Banana) with lots of trendy metal, and I have a very conservative big black Coach for serious meetings plus a MK tan tote with grommets that is quite casual. I love the classic flap satchel look, Italian-esque with a modern twist. Used to love the Luella Giselle. Want something timeless but not boring, conservative or too business-like.

    I'm considering the Mulberry Bayswater, the Mulberry Alexa and a variety of Miu Mius. I loooove the Alexa but wonder if it's awfully trendy. I don't want something quite as dressy/structured as the Birkin. Bayswater a nice in-between?
  2. P.S. Love the Tod's D-bag (media bag) but with a bit more oomph, but not trendy.
  3. Botkier's Aiden Satchel might fit the bill. I was considering it for pretty much the same reasons as you, i.e. a work bag that doesn't look like a typical work bag. It's a zip-top bag, though, not a flap, but I think it otherwise fits your requirements (tote-like but not boxy, not too conservative either). If you try My Obsessions Boutique, I think they still have one in Burnt Caramel as well, and there's usually a valid code somewhere.
  4. The Bayswater is perfect. I also second the Tods D-bag recommendation.