Versace Monstrosity!

  1. This purse is by far one of the strangest I've seen this season;


    You'll be sure to catch a lot of attention with this though, but I think this is a strong contender for most hideous purse for the fall season 2007. >_<

    Taken from
  2. :wtf: Is that fur hanging on the bottom? Looks like 4 mini mink stoles.
  3. Wow, that's pretty awful!!
  4. That shows that even good designers have bad ideas.
  5. Yuck. That looks like a robot's offspring.
  6. Oh my god. Is this one of the seven signs?

  7. holy batman thats ugly!
  8. Wow!
  9. oh how disgusting.
  10. :oh: That purse is hideous. I feel bad that those poor animals had to die to make a bag that looks like a hooker would wear.
  11. ... whoa...
    3 letters came to my head right away...

    W....T.....*.... LOL

    I'll leave the * to your discrection - I am not sure if it is appropriate to say it here...

    But man, it looks like it can attack!
  12. :roflmfao: ITA! That thing is hideous!
  13. :wtf:What in the world were they thinking??? Was this a joke? I mean, somebody will eventually buy anything, so I'm wondering if they are laughing and wondering *who* will end up buying such a thing?!
  14. Oh my, how ugly can a bag be :wtf: :blink:. This must be a some sort of mistake
  15. Aaahh! Where do I rest my eyes?