Versace Couture Jeans Sizing

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  1. How does the fit compare to other jean manufacturers? For example Miss Sixty or Diesel? I assume that they tend to be slim cut, but I'm wondering to what degree.
  2. I know this is probably not much help, but my fiance has to take an XL in V.J.C and he is usually medium! I know there could be differences in mens and womens sizing, but I just thought I'd mention this as it is notoriously small! Your best bet would be to try the jeans on in a boutique before you purchase anything online (I'm assume that's why you're asking???)
  3. Definitely on the slim side.
  4. True, best to try them on in a store before buying online. But I am really lazy about going to shops. I buy as much as I can online.

    I just ordered a pair in what I was told is the same as a US size 3, I asked for measurements, and I'll report back when the pants are delivered.