Vernis Wishire GM

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  1. I wanted to know if anyone has seen the New Vernis Wilshire in GM?
    And wanted to get thoughts of what they think of the size. Is it way to big? I like the fact that it can fit over the shoulder and not feel uncomfortable like the MM. I want a shoulder bag and this will be my 1st Vernis So what are your thoughts of this bag should I get it for my BDAY this month.:yahoo::biggrin:
  2. I saw this in person and it wasn't too big. It looked really nice in RF.
  3. I've wanted to see a GM bag modeling picture here but so far found no luck. My bro actually bought one in mistake in Paris (I asked for MM) and now the bag is with him in Japan. I'll have to wait untill probably X'mas to get my bag. Will pose a modeling pic then but probably not going to help you too much. BTW I saw my bro carrying it in the video cam and it looked pretty good. Only thing he's almost 6" tall though.
  4. I saw the Vernis Wilshire in Amarante on display at the boutique and I initially found it HUGE. But I think it really depends on your height, etc. I think it would big on me and I'm 170cm (5'7).
  5. I saw a RF on display...IMO its a great size
  6. I saw it the day it was released and tried it on. I LOVED it. Very chic. But, since I had Mono Alma MM on hold for me that same day, and have since purchased a few other LV items...I will have to wait for Vernis Wilshire GM.

    Love it!!!
  7. I saw the RF when I went in over the weekend. It looks good! I like bigger bags, though...
  8. The bag is gorgeous and the perfect work bag, particularly in amarante. GM is good size to carry files and folders, iPad or laptop as well as personal belongings. Hope to get it before the holidays myself.
  9. Wilshire GM is a big Chessie201 says it's good to carry files, folders, laptop but I think it's too overwhelming for my size. I think it's slightly smaller than Neverfull GM. RF is a nicer colour compared to Amarante, side by side comparison. I would go for Gris as it's easier to match but too bad it only comes in MM.
  10. I tried both MM & GM and prefers MM,the GM is too big.Even though I like big bags but Wilshire GM is too stiff and I'll worry that I might hit on somethings or someones when I turn my body,this bag is protruding too much out from front and back of my body when I shoulder carried it.LOL!
  11. Thanks everybody for responding.I just really have to go in and see how it looks.I am only 5'2 but I have always wanted a Vernis shoulder bag thats straps were comfortable the MM straps are not long enough to carry on me.
    So what to do. Well I am getting my 1st Chanel bag the GST with SHW in 2 weeks for my BDAY Yeah. But I want a Vernis too.LOL
  12. I'm interested also- I can't wait to see pics.
  13. Hi Divagal01 , Im very interested also, Iv wanted to get a shoulder bag in Vernis for quite some time......Im anxious to see your pics!
  14. Hi Oceanbaby I am still deciding my local LV store has not got the Vernis Wilshire in GM in yet. But the more I am thinking about it I am really starting to want the Alma in Vernis the larger one that bag is to die for so I am still not sure since my local store is out of both of them. I will let you know once I get one :thinking:
  15. I've seen it in person and I found it a great size... but I think it really depends on what you'll be using it for and your height.