Vernis wallets and Scratching...

  1. Does anyone notice their vernis wallets scratch easily? I am not referring to the outside glossy leather but the leather inside. I find that my sharp, natural nails scratch the inside of the coin part while I am scrabbling for change.:push: It's not very noticeable but does annoy me.
    ( I am currently using a pomme french purse.)
  2. I have a Koala and I haven't noticed it yet. I have very long nails, so I'll watch out for it.
  3. Yes, I have scratches on the inside of my Pomme from trying to get my CC out. I try not to look at them because when I see them I freak out!!
  4. I always carried my Fuchsia Pochette Wallet and never noticed any scratches inside or out, even after transferring it from bag to bag.
  5. i've been using my lavender ludlow for a few years now and i don't notice any scartch, and i don't switch wallets either.
  6. I had a vernis PTI before and it never got scratched :smile:
  7. not so far....