vernis wallet help!!

  1. So I bought my vernis broome wallet at the LV store the other day. Since it only has 2 credit card slots, and I needed a bit more slots then that, I went on a hunt for a lavender ludlow.

    After calling the LV 866#, I was able to find the LAST Lavender Ludlow in the country, and ordered it to be shipped to me. THEY TOLD ME IT SHOULD HAVE ARRIVED YESTERDAY, AT THE LATEST! :evil: but with my luck, it won't get to my house until next Tuesday (that's what I'm told due to some delay ).

    I was hoping by comparing the two lavenders (broome v. ludlow) side by side, I could choose the one that best fit my needs.

    Dilemma: Ludlow won't arrive until next Tuesday. Broome's 14 day return is up by next Monday.

    For owners of both, which one is worth keeping?

    I'm really disappointed with the 866 Vuitton service. :sad2: everyone on the line kept telling me a different arrival date. Anyone has this problem before??

    Here's the pics for comparison, I dunno how to post pics here so here are the links!

    1) lavender broome wallet:

    2) inside the broome:

    3) compare with cles
  2. If the problem with the Broome is the amount of credit card slots, I wouldn't rely too heavily on the Ludlow. That only has three. And at least the Broome has a bill pocket.
  3. I like the design of the ludlow more, but I don't know if it's more functional.. I have the ludlow and love it, but it's not super funtional.
  4. I like the ludlow design & look a lot!
  5. I'm sorry, I was talking about the vernis broome, I don't know why I said that ^! It looks fabulous!
  6. I prefer the broome.. I think it has more space :smile: .. and I own both ludlow and broome HTH
  7. I prefer the broome. I have a lavendar ludlow that I've been trying to sell for a while, and I think I'm going to have to eBay it at a loss.. boo.
  8. If you all don't mind me asking, around how much is the broome?
  9. Oooh, I would be interested in buying one. I love the lavender color!

    I think the broome is more functional. I have an old beige ludlow and I can't fit much in it.
  10. Don't mind at all. It's a discontinued item (color AND style). It was $465+ tax (so came out to little over $500) before the price hike. So i suppose it's about 10-20$ more now. ;)
  11. I love lavender too. I tried to locate a marshmellow piece but they're goners. :sad:
  12. Thank you everyone for your comments. I made up my mind today since I was around the area. I took my broome back to the store. It was quite an event too trying to return the darn thing:evil: