Vernis...tougher than you think

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  1. So this past weekend I took my zippy organizer out for a night on the town as a clutch. We were headed to the opera and I figured it would be a low-key evening, so my pretty new purchase would be safe. Well, making a long story short, ended up being a very fun but long night...with a few too many drinks involved. My poor organizer/clutch fell hard on concrete not once but twice, and once indoors :nuts:

    I woke up the next morning with a feeling of dread in my stomach (and a major headache, mind you). I was scared to see what became of vernis...but incredibly...she was in perfect condition! There were some dirt stains on the fabric in a few places, but a took a toothbrush with some soap and got that right now. You would never know the ordeal she went through! Whew! That was a close call!
  2. thats fabulous . verins is truely wonderfull and durrable .
  3. *phew* vernis is great
  4. Yes vernis is much tougher then most people think
  5. thanks for sharing as I am considering buying something in vernis for one of my next purchases.
  6. Yep! gonna love vernis!
  7. I can't get enough of vernis, especially in SLG's!
  8. :tispy:
  9. This is good to hear.
  10. good to know! vernis does have an undeserved rep for being delicate - but it really does hold up well under lots of use!
  11. LOL sooo funny! i love it though, vernis is super durable!
  12. That's great to know! I'm always super careful with mine, so it's nice to know I can ease up a little bit. lol
  13. Which color do you have?
  14. AAH! I had a similar story happen to my speedy at college last year. I thought for sure I lost my whole bag but when I woke up I was cradling her in my arms in bed! Glad to hear the Vernis holds up so well!
  15. Pomme! I love it even more now