vernis question

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  1. I got the framboise agenda today..I:heart: it!!! It's so cute. I'm so nervous about just putting it in my bag. For those of you that have it or the wallet, do you keep it in the dust bag in your bag?? The SA suggested I should. How careful do I really have to be with it??? I'm so anal about my bags, maybe its to delicate for me??? Its just so cute, and I don't even need an agenda. I don't know what I'm going to put in it. LOL I just had to have it cuz its sooooooo cute!!!:love:
  2. Just don't put it on top of ink, like newspapers and stuff. Other than that there should be no problem.
  3. I have a vernis pomme french wallet which is about the same size and I keep it in my purse without it's dustbag. It's done fine, i make sure not to put any receipts or papers near it though.
  4. You'll be fine, just don't let printed items touch it :yes:
  5. i would keep it in the dust bag. when i use my speedy i keep it in the dustbag so it doesnt get scratched, or if i use a bag with a soft interior (like my baggy pm) i use it w/o the dustbag
  6. i have a framboise wallet, i've been carrying it in my bags no problem! i wouldn't worry bout the dust bag just imo
  7. Just keep it away from things that tend to stick to anything with ink like newspaper or magazines. Even receipts are bad.
  8. just try not to place shart objects (keys-use a cles or key holder), and watch out for the receipts, if you are concern about protecting stratches, may i suggest purseket? If you have something like that, then you can go w/o dust bag for sure since it give your agenda separate compartment. enjoy ur agenda, the pomme is cute!
  9. I keep mine out an about and agree with the other ladies about newspaper. It's pretty scratch resistant, though. :biggrin:
  10. i have the perle agenda since last augest.. and i always kept it inside its dustbag while thrown in my large bag.. that way it doesnt interact with any thing that might color transfer it!
    its as spanking new as i first got it!! :smile:
    i wouldnt worry much about any darker color than mine.. but still need to be careful.. stay away from open perfume or make up stuff << thats what my SA adviced me!

    my friend "chloe" had a color transfer on her framboise wallet.. she suspects it was from perfume. :sad:

    hope this helps!