vernis french wallet: framboise or fuschia?

  1. what's the difference btw those 2 colors? and which do you prefer? :love:
  2. Framboise is a little softer color, the fuchia is very in your face. I have to say I love both.
  3. good question, I was wondering the same thing! I have been looking at the bedford, wondering to go new framboise or used fuscia.
  4. Fuschia more intense, I think more blue in it, framboise softer, still has blue tones, but more pinks,,, I haven't seen fuschia in person... the bedford I've seen looks intense in fuschia.
  5. You can kind of see the difference between the 2 colors in this photo:
    Fuchsia on the left, framboise on the right

    Both are gorgeous, but I prefer fuchsia! :love:
  6. Wow, seeing them side by side like that really helps. I vote for fuchsia!
  7. ooh... pretty! thanks for posting the pic, Elle.

    i think i like them both!!!
  8. I'm a bigger fan of the fuschia, unfortunately.. I wish it was still around ! The frambroise is also gorgeous though.
  9. framboise and you should buy it from me.. i wanna sell mine...hahahaha
  10. I love both! I wish I had pieces from that line!
  11. Framboise-- it matches the Multicolor White line better! : )
  12. Framboise also matches the multicolor black line really well!!!!! makes it pop.
  13. fuschia is prettier imo, but both are nice.
  14. It is going to be very hard to find a Fuchsia French Purse - and if you do find one in nice shape - it will be expensive. :search:
  15. Wow, I never knew there really was a difference! You learn something new in the world of LV every day! :lol:

    So the framboise lacks the iridiscence that the fuschia has...sooo...I vote for fuschia! Although, I do love both. :love: