Vernis Convert....

  1. I used to not like Vernis...don't know why, it just didn't appeal to me. The new Amarante color really got me looking though and since Amarante is going to be around for a little while. I scouted eBay and well, yesterday I received my very first little vernis piece (a Frambois Cles) and WOW!! I love it so much:heart:!

    I have changed my whole outlook on it and want more pieces :smile:. It has such a cool feel to it! I've since purchased another cles too (both have been from tpf'ers too, so thank you!!)

    Must shop for some friends for them!

  2. congrats. it never appealed to me either before i got my pomme cles, now i love it.
  3. I know the feeling. I bought a framboise cles too and the color is amazing, it make you only want more vernis.
  4. Yahoo! Isn't it a great material. That's one of the reasons I love vernis.
  5. my sunset was the first vernis piece....amarante is a great color.....
  6. Ooh, I've always loved vernis, just been listening too much horror stories of color transfer, discoloration, etc but with the improved quality of newer vernis colors, especially the darker ones, now I can purchase them without worrying! ;) Yup, pomme and framboise are totally gorgeous and irresistible..! :heart:
  7. Congraats on your new Love Affair w/ Vernis! Me too recently!:heart:
  8. Yea vernis never really appealed to me either until i saw the pomme and amarante but i never actually purchased anything UNTIL i saw the amarante in person and fell in LOVE with it. Now i'm thinking of buying something in pomme but i just don't know what yet.
  9. Pomme and Amarante are such seductive colors, I hope to get something from these range soon.
  10. I am in love with Vernis too. Up until this year I had zero pieces now I have: pomme rox, pomme, cles, pomme french purse, bronze reade, and amarante reade. I think vernis may be my fave line!
  11. vernis is my favourite line !! so femineine...
  12. I'm scared I'd ruin vernis- I think it's so pretty though.
  13. I agree that it didn't used to appeal to me, I thought it looked cheap. But that was until the framboise agenda won me over, now I want one so badly! (I got into LV just a bit too late, though.) I also regret passing on the framboise Minna Street. I like pomme too. The Summit Drive in Pomme is gorgeous!!!
  14. I was a convert the moment I set eyes on the pomme vernis, I seriously could NOT take my eyes off it.. Now I'm loving my pomme zippy and cles, hopefully my pomme agenda arrives this weekend then I'd be a happy camper :p
  15. Congrats! I always loved Vernis, the colors were so bold and pretty.