vernis and heat?

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  1. with the temparature rising, how does the new vernis hold up? With classes done I'm volunteering before work from mid morning till late afternoon for the next month before my second job starts, but I'm worried about bringing my vernis accessories like my plate and agenda. I mean it will be in the shade, but still, do I leave it behind?
  2. i dont have any vernis items..but i think that with an increase in temperature, vernis tend to stick to plastic, wood or glass surfaces.

  3. I don't think so. If you're talking about serious damage then I'd say no because plastic and leather will not melt at 30-40 C, however there may well be "internal" damage such as discoloration or running glue...
  4. I'd be concerned about additional chances at colour transfer.. since vernis is pourous to begin with, I'm guessing it might be easier, especially if it sticks to things.
  5. oh I wouldn't risk it. I'm a little overprotective with my LV items, but I like them to stay in the best condition possible.
  6. How weird, I remember a topic on this awhile back but can't find it right now.
    Anyway, no, it'll be fine. Honestly, I've taken my vernis bags/accessories out in the heat/sun and they're still perfect.
  7. I'd be really SA said that vernis does not withstand the heat well at all, and might lose its shape and the leather will start getting sticky, plus colour transfer as well...just be cautious!
  8. I'm going to be a dissenter, but I live in Hawaii and I've left my vernis wallet in the car while I've worked out in the gym and gone running (gasp!!) I'm usually gone for about 2 hours. My wallet is still in perfect condition. I guess it's not the ideal place for it, but I think that vernis is pretty tough.

    I wouldn't leave it in the car, on top of a newspaper.
  9. definitly color transfer and color discoloration, be careful!
  10. i was thinking about buying a vernis bag...interesting to know :biggrin:
  11. I agree .. it is pretty hot here too and never had any issues with the vernis:tup: