Vernis Agenda Problems???

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm thinking of getting a Vernis agenda. What I'm wondering is--how careful do you REALLY have to be with it? Let's say it sits between a mono wallet and mono make-up case, will the mono canvas color transfer onto the vernis? Or is it just dyed items that can get onto the vernis? Anyone who has this item could you tell me what its next to in your bag? If you've had any problems with it? Thanks guys!!!!
  2. Hi tr444! I have the small agenda in framboise. When I first purchased it I kept it in the dustcover. I was so afraid of messing it up. Well,it soon became too much of a pain to use-I guess I'm not very patient:lol: For the last couple of months it has been in my bag 'naked' and so far so good! It routinely stays snuggled next to a black chanel wallet and no color transfer so far........I'll be interested to see what others have experienced.
  3. I also have the small ring agenda in framboise. I keep it in my bag, without its dustcover, and I haven't had any problems. No scratches, marks or color transfer. Still looks as pretty as the day I bought it :smile:
  4. Just saw the vernis agenda line-up the other day at the boutique makes me want one! (although I know I have ABSOLUTELY no use for it, I already have my own agenda)

    Anyway, just vernis in general (agenda or not), here's what I've observed:
    1) lighter colors are more susceptible to color transfer, as it was said over and over again;
    2) if you carry your vernis in a small handbag where all the other "things" in your purse will interact with the vernis piece, you will have a higher chance of messing it up;
    3) the alcantara lining (red, black, and other colors) WILL and DOES cause the color to transfer to your vernis, I have that confirmed with my own vernis pieces :cry: AND with a SA at LV when I showed it to him (who said to be btw, that the SA who sold my perle piece to me should have warned me about putting it in my pochette :rant: )

    why it doesn't happen to some people has a lot to do with the size of their bags and of course how they use it. The larger their bags are, the less "interaction" the vernis has with the other pieces, so therefore many of the PF'ers' pieces are spanking new even after much use.

    so the moral of the story is: if you have a vernis item in a small bag, there's bound to be rubbing between your bag, your stuffs in your bag and the vernis.

    Sorry for the novel - I still :heart: :heart: :heart: vernis but I try to refrain from buying them now. :cry:
  5. Wow! But do you think the mono canvas will rub off on the vernis? Because mine would be between 2 mono pieces and it would be touching it on both sides.
  6. I don't want to discourage you from getting a vernis item because I absolutely love them BUT at this rate, I'm basically resigned to say that almost everything will transfer onto vernis, eventually.

    Case in point - I used my vernis wallet in a big bag when I was on my trip just the other month (without its protective dustbag) - it got thrown around in my big purse to many cities - came back without a scratch.

    Then I started using it in my chanel bag (small bag, black polyester lining I believe!?!?) two days after, I noticed small black stains around the edge of the wallet. :rant:

    So I think it has a lot to do with the small bag/big bag rule. :cry:

    And now, my vernis wallet is sitting in my small purse inside its dustbag, again. :blink: