Verbally harrassed :(

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  1. well, I was walking down the street today with a friend minding my own business, when some guy leans out of a window and yells "RICH B*TCH!!" :tdown:

    My friend and I were unnerved to say the least. He tried to tell me it was directed at him (he was carrying a small NM bag for me), but that doesn't make sense.

    How disturbing! Anyway, again, be mindful when you carry your lovely bags, you never know who's looking!
  2. What?? That sounds crazy!
  3. Sorry to hear that! That kind of thing would scare the hell out of me.
  4. I feel for you the same thing happened to me in Florida pulling out of a deli:shrugs:...I was really scared at the time :wtf:. ....a shout came out of nowhere and then they raced out of the same driveway with their big car rreally fast.:weird:I was stunned. Oh yah, they also said" rich *****"
  5. That's bad..and man..what is their problem??!?!?
  6. sorry you had such a bad experience. people just do those things out of jealousy, plain and simple.
  7. I am so sorry that you had to experience this. I don't know where you are located, but I have noticed a lot more random hostility lately here in the US since the economy took a dive... :sad:
  8. that is just plain weird! goodness! his life must really stink or something!
  9. (Sigh)

    Random mean people suck. Don't give it another thought.
  10. I agree.....which is partly why I felt so uncomfortable carrying LV. But, where I live no one knows Hermes so it hasn't been a problem.;)
  11. Hi pigleto and star.. Sorry this happened, they are truly disturbed :cursing:
  12. How awful! Sorry this happened to you. It's a good thing that you have your friend there with you.
  13. There are a lot of freaks around unfortunately..
  14. Oh gosh, so sorry to hear that happened to you! I hear that all the time. Not necessarily with the 'rich', but I've been called arrogant b*tch many times. I know I have an angry looking face, but that doesn't mean I'm a walking target for crazy people! Go get yourself some pepperspray, you'll feel safer. I carry pepperspray, and, although I've never had to use it, it does make me feel a lot more safe. You never know what these people might do.
  15. Just be careful. I think desperate times for some in their dire circumstances will be very resentful.